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Neptune’s Palace

Neptune’s Palace is an interior I created in Maya. The theme is a James Bond style seafood restaurant found at a casino, very over the top and with a Roman theme. I wanted this interior to be as photo realistic as possible so it could be used as a stand in interior for a real environment if it was needed for a visual effects sequence.


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La Petite Ville

La Petite Ville is a environment I modelled, textured and lit in Maya. The inspiration for this piece was the Pixar Shorts environments. This is currently still work in progress and will be updated when complete.

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Global Warning

For part of my second year major project at university I decided to create an advert about global warming. As I was not trained to be an animator I wanted to make a film which was more about aesthetics than movement. Through that film I was nominated as best second year at the Glammies award ceremony and shortlisted for the Friends of the Earth One minute film competition where I won the opportunity to have my film shown on the BBC Film Network Site. Below is a link to the BBC site.

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Fuzzy Felt Advert

For my final project in my second year at university I produced two adverts. This is the first of the two projects and it is all about recycling. I wanted it to appeal to children but also to adults. To achieve this I used the style of a much loved childhood toy of many adults called fuzzy felt. The whole advert is CG however I was aiming for a photo realistic look. I used 3dsmax, after effects and premiere. I will shortly be adding a video of this advert however until then here are some stills.

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The images below are from a short project at university teaching us Maya for the first time.

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Life Drawing

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This post is a collection of paintings and artwork that I have produced.

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